Laguna 7 colores Bacalar

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A land full of beauties that you cannot miss, knows every corner of this place.

Laguna Milagros, Huay-Pix

Turquoise and transparent water lagoon, with a length of 3 kilometers and 2 kilometers at its widest part; It is home to small fish and the venue for local and national water sports competitions.

Where to eat in Laguna Milagros?

  • La Jaiba Borracha (seafood)

  • El Abuelo (seafood)

  • The Huay-Pix broiler (charcoal-roasted chickens)

  • Barbecue Hidalgo (regional food and barbecue)

  • Asadero Doña Cande (regional food and charcoal-roasted chickens)


Come to have fun!

In this town there is a small Bar called Yuno, but if you are looking for more variety, visiting Chetumal or Bacalar will offer you a wide range of options to enjoy the nightlife of Chetumal

Water sports and activities

Swim in the Ejidal spa: the public spa is a spacious place to swim and enjoy this lagoon, there are also private restaurants and spas that offer kayak rental services and a restaurant area.

Visit the "Catfish Sanctuary" named after the local inhabitants, it is the habitat of this endemic species; Here you can watch the show and feed these fish. * Practice on the Rowing and Canoeing track at Laguna Milagros.

Kayaking: Several of the on-site spas and restaurants offer water equipment rental such as kayaks. This activity is easy in this lagoon, since it is calm waters.

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Cayo Venado, Dos Hermanos, Isla Tamalcab

Take a boat tour from the town of Calderitas (10 minutes from Chetumal) and take this tour that passes through almost virgin islands and places with few people (or nothing): Dos Hermanos, Cayo Venado and Isla Tamalcab. These are white sand beaches, crystal clear water, rich in fauna and flora, during the tour it is possible to spot dolphins, as well as a beautiful viewpoint in Dos Hermanos. This tour has as a starting point a restaurant next to the beautiful Chetumal Bay, ideal for a delicious meal after this beautiful tour.

Dos Hermanos Tour: 2 hours for 6 people (includes 6 beers and water)

Cayo Venado Tour: 3 hours for 6 people (includes 6 beers and water)

Tamalcab Island Tour: 2 hours for 6 people (includes 6 beers and water)

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