Estilo de vida en Bacalar y Chetumal

Life style

The reasons why living here are really many, we are not exaggerating when saying that we have seen hundreds of people spend a few days here and it is enough for them to fall madly in love with the place, with its warm people, the short distances, its nature still present, its lagoons and sea, of peace and tranquility. An excellent quality of life at a low cost.



Nothing compares to the way the sun warms the skies of Mexico, the climate is mild for the inhabitants here. In the south of Quintana Roo the elements combine to create an exquisite tropical climate. Here the temperatures are not as extreme as in other parts of the world, it is the perfect climate with an average of 26 ° C (78.8 ° F)

Cost of living

Life here is really cheap for everything you can find, renting houses and buying property is very safe and cheap. Food, transportation and taxes are lower compared to other countries, it is considered that Mexico can be up to 50% cheaper than the United States.

Image by Eddi Aguirre

Quality of life

The quality of life can be seen in the faces of the always happy people, access to education and health is not difficult at all in addition to having highly trained personnel who even had training abroad, food is very cheap (even Belizeans visit the country to stock up on food and clothing).

Looking for a house?

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