How To Arrive at Sunrise Villa

“Live your life by a compass not a clock.”

Coming From Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Merida

1. If you come from North, please drive on 307 Cancún-Chetumal / Mexico South.

2. Make a U-turn after you pass by the power plant ( around 400m ).

3. After U-turn, turn right into the path and go straight to the end.

Coming From Chetumal or Belize

1. If you come from South, please drive on 307 Cancún-Chetumal / Mexico North.

2. Make a right turn before the power plant, and then into the path to the end.

3.  At the end, you will see two paths, please turn right, follow the "S" sign
     after 10 seconds, you will see second "S" sign

4. When you see second "S" sign, you can prepare to turn left.


Drive to Bacalar Sunrise Villa

From Chetumal Airport 

ADO bus station & others companies



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Address : Costera de Xul Ha, Quintana Roo

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