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Belize the "No shirt, no shoes

If the curiosity of visiting the country of Belize has arisen in you, here is very useful information that can help clarify your panorama. The Bacalar Sunrise Villa team will be very pleased to provide you with all the information you need without having to book with us, all with the desire for service and perseverance of the beautiful Quintana Roo hospitality.

The brother country of Belize, one of the smallest in America, Mayan land protected by the second longest barrier reef in the world. A great combination of cultures, oceans and deep and impressive jungles. It is a not very developed and very rustic destination ideal for a new adventure. It has multiple famous places worldwide as is the case of The Great Blue Hole in which you will participate in a unique diving experience in the world, visit its Mayan ruins, enjoy its almost virgin islands, the sky on earth is located in Belize . Join us in this short review of the most impressive places in Belize.

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  1. The Great Blue Hole

The sea offers a door to its mysteries in this place, the depth of its blue is a mirage of its dark nights. It is considered a natural wonder very popular in the world, its stunning photos areas spread, no one resists the magnitude of its glory. In the sea an impressive dark blue hole interrupts the clear blue of the Caribbean Sea, only to add greater magnitude to its immeasurable beauty. Located 64 km from Belize City and 300 meters


  2. Cayo Ambergris (la Isla Bonita, San Pedro)

The charm of this island seduced Madonna and was a muse for her famous song "La Isla Bonita" of "free and wild nature" this tropical paradise will be the place where you will want to live, of cheerful streets harmonized by the dances of the genre "punta ”, In this place happiness is transmitted through the white sand in contact with the soles of your feet, it travels your body until it reaches your head and explodes it like fireworks.

Image by Meritt Thomas
Image by reisetopia

3. Caye Caulker

One of the many Caribbean paradises, those places that seem to be the mortalization of our best concepts of heaven, who wouldn't want to have a beer in the hand and sand of Caye Caulker on their feet? The point is that many of us want that and when you get to that place you find it to the top of tourism, this is not the case of Cayo Caulker governed with the slogan "Go Slow" This warm town of lovely people and crystal clear waters is covered in a Only day without haste at a slow and steady pace. Its white sand serves as a cover to the brown skin of its inhabitants, make it also your blanket for one night, walking there is another dimension built by the dreams and desires of visitors, the constant thought in your head will be "I want to live here".

4. Atolón Turneffe

Fishing in the crystalline sea of Turneffe Atoll, recognized for being considered the one with the greatest biological diversity in the continent. They are known for being one of the main places for fishing for bonefish and shad, as well as many more salt water, do not miss the opportunity to achieve a “Grand Slam”! Catch a bonefish, leave it and take it out in one day!

Image by Colter Olmstead
Cayo de San Pedro Image by Jason Sosa

How to enter Belize?

If you are already passing through Chetumal, do not miss the opportunity to know all the places that are close to you, accumulate all possible memories of this place, know the SOUTH OF QUINTANA ROO!