“It feels good to be lost in the right direction”

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen

Unique place, unique culture , Wonderful moments in a beautiful trip


The capital of Quintana Roo, Mexico, Chetumal is the beginning of the first Spaniard and Mayan miscegenation. It is a multicultural city with many historical architectures combining with a little Caribbean vibe.


If you are visiting Chetumal, please don’t forget to rent a bicycle and ride along the boulevard to enjoy a magnificent bay view and stop by a small village called Calderitas for a local seafood dish named “Ceviche”


Bacalar lake is the largest lake in Quintana Roo which is famous for its turquoise color and how it changes the color constantly according to the different weather, sunlight, and the depth of lake; this is how Bacalar lagoon earns the name of "Seven Color Lake."

Come and join a boat tour, visit the “bird island” and “pirate route”; see how local people defended themselves hundred of years ago with San Felipe Fortress right by the lakeside. Kayaking, snorkeling, SUP and swimming is a must while staying in Bacalar. Don’t forget to try the local gourmets and get yourselves some local souvenirs before leaving this magical town.

Mayan ruins

Yucatan peninsula is the cradle of Mayan culture and Chetumal is the beginning of first cross-cultural marriage between Spaniard and Mayan. Around Bacalar, there are many millennial pyramids hidden in the jungle such as Dzibanché, Chacchoben, Kohunlich, and Oxtankah just to name a few. These Mayan heritage architectures are not yet commercialized like others. Their surroundings are still in the most natural form.

If you like history and ancient culture, you can hire a local tour guide to provide a thorough experience of Mayan pyramids and culture.


Mahahual itself is a beautiful beach that if you must know. If you already know the Caribbean, the beaches of Mahahual will end up enchanting you, your beaches are quite clean and you will lull them with the small waves that take you away and the transparent shallow waters.


It has the largest beach in all of Quintana Roo. It is a place of more than a thousand smiling, relaxed and happy people who treated in the best way.