Adventurous Activities

in Sunrise Villa

“Dare to live the life you’ve always wanted.”


Nature caverns and beautiful cenotes make Bacalar a great place for snorkeling. If you have never tried any underwater activity, snorkeling in Bacalar and Xul-Ha will be your best choice.

Snorkeling can bring you fantastic physical and visual experience; you will fall in love with water flow and colorful fishes all around your body, not to mention water in the lagoon is crystal clear.


SUP Bacalar Lagoon ( Oar up)

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) first began in Hawaii as an offshore of surfing and combination of sports leisure, which can fit perfectly in the lake of Bacalar.

In Bacalar Sunrise Villa we provide paddleboard activity for our guests so you can have the opportunity to paddle on the lake. It's truly a once in a lifetime experience you can not miss.

Forget all your troubles and enjoy your life right now!



In Bacalar Sunrise Villa, we not only have a magnificent lakefront view, but we also have direct and exclusive access to Bacalar lagoon. Not to mention all our kayaks are made of transparent fiber grass, which you can see through it and explore the underwater world right in front of your eyes.

Another way to interact with the ecosystem is by kayaking through the lake where you can explore unique mangroves, flora, and fauna.

Along the lakeside, you will see are many species of fishes hidden under lily pads and while kayaking in the lake you can observe how water changes its color according to the depth and sunlight from light to dark blue.



Are you familiar with GREEN SHOWER? Basically is taking a shower with new fresh and purified air in the middle of the jungle or forest. Scientifically proven, the green shower is one effective way to reduce stress and prevent cancer because it detoxifies your body through the healing power of trees. In Bacalar Sunrise Villa, we are hidden in the middle of the forest. Staying in our villa, you are breathing in the cleanest and most purified air there is.

Early in the morning you can hike through the path inside the forest and ride the bicycle with your friends and family to Xul ha, a small village nearby. Another activity you can enjoy while hiking and biking are to visit 65 pieces of urban arts in Xul ha.


Bacalar Boat Tour

Dare to know the lagoon of the seven colors from the most important points you can visit.

Discover the most famous cenotes of the lagoon, the bird island and the pirates channel where you can enjoy the exfoliating sands that are under its crystalline waters.

The tours are by boat, catamaran or sailboats, there you can also meet people, emblematic buildings on the shores of the lagoon. The captains may recommend some convenient place to go to eat or learn about the culture of the town.


Other things you can do in Bacalar area :

Bird Watching​

Xul ha

Urban Arts

Mayan pyramid

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